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Squint & Paediatrics

Paediatric Ophthalmology is taken quite seriously with expert consultants & surgeons working round-the-clock to make sure, the vision of our future generation is well protected.


Routine comprehensive eye checks should be an essential part of your child’s healthcare regime. While problems like squint or drooping of eyelids can be easily noticed, finding issues related to lazy eye & refractive errors could be quite a challenge to the parents.


Especially because most kids do not report the problem to their parents for often they lack the ability to understand that there’s been a change in their visual skills. It, therefore, becomes the primary responsibility of parents to notice any change in their kids’ behavioural pattern like watching TV from a close distance or excessively straining to read from a book or performing badly at school all of a sudden.


We specialize in correcting misaligned eyes, known as squint or strabismus. Prevalent in children and adults, this condition can affect not only vision but also self-esteem. We offer comprehensive solutions, including amblyopia therapy and strabismus surgery.

Paediatric ophthalmology
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