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Drishti Eye Bank

Money should not be a barrier preventing one from seeing this beautiful world


Gift of Sight

“If we have God’s gift of vision, why not make our eyes immortal by passing it to someone who needs it?”

Corneal diseases are a major cause of blindness in India. The only way to reduce blindness is by doing corneal transplant. In a country like India, with the high rates of blindness, there is a huge burden for corneal requirement. However, recent data reported that only 10% of the required 400,000 corneas are being procured annually.  The number of corneal transplants performed are much less than the actual requirement due to the insufficient number of corneas collected. You can also make a difference by being a sight ambassador and creating awareness and motivating the families of the bereaved to donate.

Drishti Eye Bank at Drishti Netralaya operates 24 hours throughout the year.


Completely free of cost through door to door screenings


Through Cataract, Retinal, Corneal & Oculoplastic surgeries


Through free screenings & eye awareness drives

Woman Having Eyes Examined

Focus Areas

We are mainly targeting the five districts of Assam namely, Dibrugarh, Sibsagar, Tinsukia, Dhemaji, Lakhimpur in Assam and parts of Arunachal Pradesh with a mission to make vision care reach areas lacking vision care professionals and facilities.

These areas are mostly Rural, Tribal and Hilly.


The targeted population of these areas combined is approximately 50 lakhs.

This vision crisis does not require the invention of new drugs or solving complex issues like distributing

refrigerated vaccines


  • Lack of adequate vision care facilities in about 80% of North-East

  • Inaccessible terrain

  • Financial stress

This prevents several from achieving their potential and is a major barrier to economic and human progress. 

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